du Toitskloof

These three photographs were taken during our trip to Cape Town earlier this year. They were captured between 05:22 and 05:52 in the morning as we exited the du Toitskloof pass just outside Paarl.

Photo descriptions

Bottom Right:-

After exiting the pass, I pulled the car over into a vacant parking area. We looked back to where we had just come from and saw this beautiful morning view of the cutting.

Top Right:-

This is the winding road down the mountain that we took which led us past Paarl and into Cape Town. Notice how the powerful wind storm has made the tree blur due to it’s fast rocking movement (bottom left of the photo).

Left – main image:-

This was the view of Paarl with the Paarl Rock (Pearl Rock) mountain behind it in the distance, and with Table Mountain faintly visible on the horizon near the left of the photo. If you look carefully, just to the right of Table Mountain, you will see the faint outline of Lion’s Head. In the middle-ground of this photo is the last stretch of road that leads down the mountain past Paarl en-route to Cape Town.


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