Photographic Services that John Golden Photography Offers

John has retired as a professional photographer since November 2019. However due to his love for the art form he will continue updating this website occasionally with photographs from himself as an amateur in future… Enjoy!


* Special Effects photography
* Portrait photography
* Landscape photography
* Architecture
* Event photography
* Corporate photography
* Matric Seniors photography
* Functions photography
* Social Awareness
Slide Shows

Our passion to constantly improve our photography and our desire to produce beautiful images is what drives and inspires us. This is what leaves us open to consider whatever requests you might have. One thing is certain, we will strive to create a memorable photographic experience and images for you!

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Recent Images

We like producing landscapes
or artistic studio works
or still life images
or casual family portraits
or action/sport photos, etc.
Have a look at our galleries page and choose a category to see examples of our work.

New and Old Camera Technologies

new_technologies-2-386_250We use modern DSLRs, flashes and other equipment as well as the latest software tools to aid us in getting great images for our clients.

However, upon request, we are able to produce photographs using one of our antique, folding bellows type, medium format, 120 film cameras. We could even produce images using our Baby Brownie box camera. (The antique version of today’s point and shoot cameras.)

Creative Ideas

We like to collaborate with our customers to get stunning pictures and also, when the occasion permits, to produce unusual imagery.
Click here if you have any questions or requests.

Photographs are not just pictures to us. We see them as extensions of ourselves; therefore they are usually quite dramatic. A special moment that has been beautifully captured is worth treasuring as a beautifully framed piece of wall art. Let us help you reach that dream!

Photographic Prints

We offer our clients a very large range of photographic prints:

  • Designer Photo Album / Photo Books
    More than 50 custom variations available on any one of 6 different papers. The best quality paper in the industry is used; from acid-free fine art paper to Fuji crystal archive photographic paper.

    You will have one of several cover options, from linen, printed, window or leather, and more. We offer numerous finishing touches such as:-

    Engraving on the cover.
    Embossing on the cover.
    High quality, attractively decorated end sheets between the covers and photograph.
    Printed dust covers.
    Earthy wheat linen bags, and
    Beautiful packaging boxes.
  • Photographic prints are offered on Fine Art Velvet Paper, Textured Cotton Paper and German Etch Paper.

    We offer prints that range in sizes from 20 X 20 cm up to A0 (84.1 X 118.9 cm)
    In the case of the Textured Velvet Paper we also offer prints up to 100 X 100 cm.

Not only do we offer photographs and photo books, we also offer:-

  • Greeting Cards – Print Sizes: A6, A5 and A4(folded cards).
  • Diaries and Notebooks – Available in A5 and A4.
  • DL Cards – Print Size: 210 x 100 mm.
  • Calendars – Available in various sizes.
  • 5 Different styles of Photographic Mugs – Print Size: 210mm x 93mm or 210mm x 70mm.
  • Christmas Baubles.
  • Snow Globes.
  • Sports Bottles.
  • Teddy Bears.
  • A4 and A6 Puzzles.
  • Cutting Boards.
  • Coasters.
  • Mouse Pads.
  • and much more…

Additionally we offer everything from Block Mounts, Box Mounts and Wall Paper to Poster Prints, Acrylic Mounts and Cluster Canvases, and everything in-between. Depending on the mount, these prints can range from a few centimeters, to some meters in size.

Not only do we offer to create memorable images for you that can be printed on one of many different mediums, we also offer a custom framing service for those who want heirloom prints in their home or office.

We will not push you into making a decision as to what options to take regarding your precious photographs, however, we will guide you all of the way throughout the the photo-making and presentation process.

Chat with us and let us know what your needs are then we can work out a quotation to suite your needs and budget.  We look forward to helping you satisfy your vision of the images or concepts you have in mind.