Special effects have become an integral part of modern photography techniques today. The effect one is trying to achieve could be done “in camera”, with the aid of photo manipulation software on one’s computer, or a combination of both.

Sometimes the techniques, or effects, are blatant. However, often the effects are so subtle and integrated that they are not obvious, even to the trained eye.

  1. The Avitar was created in Photoshop from a straightforward portrait.
  2. The Passenger’s hair had been died a brilliant blue and he was photographed using natural light. Then I did some basic development in “Lightroom” and finally finished off the development process in “Perfect Effects”.
  3. The Girl Having Fun was shot using low natural light and fast motion to create this soft focused, blurred motion effect, then the photo was processed using Lightroom only.
  4. The Musician was photographed using a combination of flash and natural light. This created a lovely effect which was finished off using Lightroom and Perfect Effects.
  5. The bride and groom were shot using natural light and the resulting image was processed by using Lightroom and Perfect Effects.
  6. The Welcome 2016 photo was taken after midnight using natural light only. the long exposure needed to get the image helped to express the mood of the moment by freezing the image clearly but showing the movement of the cello player.
  7. The Snow Globe image was produced by combining 4 photographs into one. The image was produced by combining them all together and creating the snow globe in Photoshop.
special effects